By: Coach Jason Philyaw The Data: Recently 73 members at Crossfit Country embarked on a journey, back in time…if you will.  6 weeks of Lean meats, poultry, or fish; fruits and vegetables; nuts and seeds; little starch and no sugar. Well, for the majority of the clients that is. Here’s the data we collected from the 26 members that weighed in:

  • Average Body Fat percentage reduction was 3.63%
  • Average Weight lost per client was 4.19 pounds
  • Most Body Fat percentage lost by a single client was 12.1 %
  • Most Lean Body Mass gained by a single client was 36 pounds

The Theory: The results also tell us the majority of clients were either maintaining their Lean Body Mass, or adding Lean Body Mass, throughout the challenge.  Proving that a nutrition lifestyle leaning toward healthier food choices would be ideal for any fitness program, especially an Athlete.  Most members confessed that around week 4 and 5, they fell off the wagon( and added a few extra MetCon sessions to make up for it).  Despite your best efforts to sabotage your results, you still ended up with a positive outcome.  This just goes to show that even if you don’t eat perfect 100% of the time, you can still benefit by making healthier food choices for the majority of your weekly meals.  Imagine if you continue this for 18 weeks, heck what about the rest of your life? Cheat days will come and cheat days will go, but i have to assume that if we have a diet with less grain and dairy; less refined and processed sugars; and Trans Fats; your body will reward you in the future with a long healthy life.  You may even live long enough to see the next crazy Diet trend sweeping the nation;)   The Collateral Damage: Along the way everyone shared in the learning experience that is The “Paleo” nutrition lifestyle.  Members shared recipes, via our Facebook Page, at the gym.  Some shared ideas about restaurants where Paleo friendly food was served; local farmers markets with organic produce at reasonable prices; and discount alerts on Meat prices at local supermarkets.  I saw members from the morning classes meeting members of the evening classes for their daily delivery of Organic Produce; courtesy of your local Co-Op.  Members teaming together to purchase organic beef, fish, and chicken in massive quantities.  There were even some who didn’t sign up for the competition, but jumped aboard when they saw their fellow trainees yielding positive results. All and All, i am extremely happy with the results purely from a relationship standpoint.  It was awesome to see members connecting and supporting each other; not just on the nutrition side of things, but accountability to continue working out, through what we all know is a journey with many pitfalls.  Enjoy the steps along the way, with your new friends, and thank you for being a member here at Crossfit Country.  Stay tuned for more challenges to come.

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