Venice, FL


Ray Lynch has a hometown of Oviedo, Florida and a varied background in terms of sports and experience. He stepped into the fitness world at age 13 as a Powerlifter and hasn’t looked back since. Having set 3 World Records in the deadlift and 9 National Records with other lifts by the age of 20 he has certainly learned much in the ways of strength. After getting a personal trainer certification from AAAI/ISMA he began working at LA fitness. Post LA fitness Ray was hired at Tim Tebows’ and Chipper Jones’ gym, D1 Orlando, where he was a strength and speed coach for athletes of all ages and from a varied sports background. In addition to this resume, Ray is also an undefeated MMA fighter (amateur for now) and used CrossFit as his means for conditioning. He also is licensed through the Department of Health as an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and is willing and able to help you all with your aches and pains! He has a real passion for helping people to their goals and to do it as pain free as possible. As a coach he will absolutely be able to help you achieve your goals.


To me, CrossFit poses a mental test. It’s very simple; will you quit, or won’t you? CrossFit tests many areas of my mental strength and keeps me in an ambitious mindset in and out of the gym.