Selden, NY


In a nutshell, I’m 44 years young, happily married (my husband’s words), and a mother of three awesome kids! I love to laugh, read, bike and CrossFit (especially on Met-con days)!


CrossFit is such a unique, challenging and enjoyable sport! It is truly unlike any other gym or group exercise class you may have visited in the past. In fact, it is so much more than a workout fad — it is a community of people that encourage and challenge you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. It is a family, a support system, and a whole new way of life. The beauty of CrossFit is that it allows you to practice a wide variety of new and different movements, incorporating everything from specialized equipment and free weights to your own body mass and resistance bands. It’s amazing to try something different and realize that you can complete a complex set of movements and experience the thrill of achieving successful results. Even when a movement proves to be slightly more challenging, forcing you to complete its modified version, you still learn that if you keep working at it, you’ll eventually get it! As a coach, I love witnessing others overcome their fears and limitations, all while sharing in their happiness when they succeed. It’s so great to see fellow CrossFitters cheer on other athletes in the gym…motivating their peers to go for that first pull-up, the first double-under, or that first rope climb. Watching our athletes grow stronger, get faster and become more fit each and every day is simply fantastic. It is the most unlikely and inexplicable combination of healthy competition with and support of the person working out beside you. And, in case you haven’t heard, it’s a hell of a workout!