Winter Park, FL


Katie has been a fitness addict all her life, participating in high school athletics and collegiate co-ed intramural sports. While earning her degree at the University of Florida, she studied exercise sports sciences to complete pre-physical therapy degree requirements. She spent this time focusing on physical education and adapted physical education and aquatics, learning how to guide children and young adults to become more physically active and safely become more fit.

Since graduating college, Katie became an avid runner and began participating in marathons and half marathons. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 by her brother, a US Marine who learned about CrossFit as part of his training with the military. At that time, Katie began to CrossFit in Miami, where she was a member of Peak 360. She fell in love with the challenge that CrossFit represented and the competition that happened in each day’s class.

Upon moving to Orlando, Katie was introduced to CrossFit Country. It was at Country that Katie began to take her practice of CrossFit to another level. She began to really learn the movements and lifts and committed to becoming a better and more efficient athlete. This led her to pursue CrossFit certification in February 2012. Coaching took Katie’s love of CrossFit to a new level, she found that helping others to achieve new levels of athletic accomplishment provided her with an overwhelming sense purpose an even greater passion for the sport. Since achieving her Level 1 certification, Katie has attained her certifications in CrossFit Kids, Mobility, and Endurance, allowing her the opportunity to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of fitness with our youngest “mini-beasts,” work with athletes struggling with flexibility and agility issues, and analyze and assist with the training of our runners and triathletes.


Being Crossfit means pushing yourself to new limits in every facet of life. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone, pushing yourself to get better at as many things as you can; regardless if its physical exercise or mental acuity.