From Paleo to Primal: Choosing the Right Diet for Your CrossFit Body
CrossFit athletes, like those involved in other activities, have learned that the best performance comes by taking a multi­pronged approach to their health through training, diet, and lifestyle choices. Training is the most intensive, and can take several hours per week of direct effort while other aspects like getting enough sleep are additions to a
Portion Control Guide
Counting calories, specialized diets, and juice cleanses are all great ways to keep track of how much you are eating, but they aren’t always easy to follow. With our Portion Control Guide you always have the power of your health in your hands…literally. Click Here To Download The Portion Control Guide
Paleo Persuasion: Extinction
By: Coach Jason Philyaw The Data: Recently 73 members at Crossfit Country embarked on a journey, back in time…if you will. ¬†6 weeks of Lean meats, poultry, or fish; fruits and vegetables; nuts and seeds; little starch and no sugar. Well, for the majority of the clients that is. Here’s the data we collected from
Paleo Challenge
The CrossFit Country Paleo Challenge begins Monday, January 13th! Click here for all the details!
Hydration – Drink Up!
Over the past month and a half, many of us have been participating in the Paleo Challenge. This has been an awesome experience and has forced many of us to think about what we put into our bodies and how we fuel the machine that allows us to come into the gym each day and